Boston… where no one knows my name…

Arrived in Boston to a cacophony of sound coming from a Puerto Rico festival.

Good bye Cape Cod. 

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Under the Boardwalk, out of the sun

Under the boardwalk, we’ll be havin’ some fun.

Under the boardwalk, people walking above.

Under the boardwalk, we’ll be falling in love.

Under the boardwalk, boardwalk!

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Summer Holiday by Wet Wet Wet

“We’re going where the sun shines brightly, We’re going where the sea is blue, We’ve seen it in the movies, Now let’s see if it’s true”

Not today! But a pleasant relief from the 30c heat. 

Spot the difference!

Although it would be nice if it stopped raining. 

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Whales, Whales, Whales. Come on the Whales!

All aboard the sky lark! Lots of Whales spotted off Provincetown. 

I don’t think this bank will catch on in the UK. 

Can you spot the Taco Man?

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Everyday is like Sundae

“Trudging slowly over wet sand, Back to the bench where your clothes were stole!” or so says Morrissey. Still very hot and no baggage. 

A holiday walk past the library and on to the ice cream parlour. 

At the ice cream parlour (Four Seas, Centerville) where we mixed up sundae toppings for ice cream flavours. I was looking forward to apple cinnamon ice cream. 

A bucket of flags at the local shop where we bought a sponge American football. I hope it fits in our limited baggage space. 

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Too hot to move, too hot to think

“And from this window, I can see the street below, I can hear the hit parade on the radio, There’s dirty dishes piling up in the sink, But it’s too hot to move, and it’s too hot to think”. 

So said The Triffids. 

Temperatures are very hot at 33c. Thunderstorms are brewing for later in the week. Holiday kayaking cut short as I fell into the water. Lost bag last spotted in New York with the promise of it coming to Cape Cod. Here we are chilling in the shade in downtown Hyannis.

On the porch in my Hyannis mall Spain t-shirt.

Sunsets on the board walk are simply wonderful – apart from the pesky mosquitos. 

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Shopping in Hyannis (Cape Cod) to replace my missing pants and chilling on the boardwalk watching the sun set

After the hectic and amazing city stay in New York we head for the quieter parts of USA and Cape Cod.  Amazingly I find better shops to replenish my missing clothes. The views are definetely more chilled. 

The rented holiday house is very cool with its own board walk to the waters edge. 

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