I am a keen videographer and I have far too many cameras that take video. A Panasonic GH4,  Panasonic GH2, Canon 550D,  GoPro Hero4 and a Canon HV20. I have 2 Rode video mics (a directional mic and a stereo mic), a Roland portable audio recorder and a host of accessories. I use Sony Vegas Pro 12 to edit.

I mostly video my kids Stagecoach shows and distribute copies to the students. Plus I do the obligatory family home movies and occasional short film. I have set up this blog to monitor my progress.

I also offer event filming around Bicester at affordable prices including Weddings and theatrical performances. Although I have only filmed 2 weddings.

I am from Llanelli in South Wales and I am an IT consultant living in Bicester, England. Happily married with 2 lovely children.

View and subscribe to my videos on YouTube.

or email me at robbyboyofilms@gmail.com

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