First edit of 2013 (England v France)


A cold start to 2013 has kept me and my camera mostly inside. A trip down to Twickenham to see England v France was my first chance to get out my Canon 550D with my 8mm fish eye lens and new 24-105mm zoom lens. The weather was extremely cold so the footage was short and sharp. I love the Samyang 8mm fish eye lens and I have worked out that it needs to be set at 5.6 or above to be at its sharpest. I am still learning to get the best out of the Canon 24-105 zoom lens as I often get a soft focus – I think more practice and definitely more filming will help.

I have been messing about with picture profiles and still can not settle on one. I started off last year using the standard profile but noticed the saturation was quite high. I set the cine profile late last year and struggled to get the best colour correction to make it shine. I have now started using the neutral profile with varying changes to the sharpness. This film was made with the neutral profile with no post colour correction.

Watch it on YouTube

I have also been battling with keep 550D or upgrade to 5D or 6D or change to Lumix GH3/GH2

– The 5D looks great but heavy and very expensive
– The 6D looks a great upgrade but is it worth the money and apart from better image noise but is the video really any better than the 550D?
– the Lumix GH3 looks fantastic for video but not great for stills and very expensive
– the Lumix GH2 with or without hack looks great for video and is cheap enough to complement the 550D

This is what the cold winter months and time to read video/photo magazines does! It questions all your past purchases and encourages you to buy more. I think I will see how much a second hand GH2 goes for on eBay and buy one and look to sell some of my gear that I don’t use.


About robbyboyofilms

I am a keen videographer and I have 3 HD video cameras and 2 camera with HD video capability. A Canon HV20, Sony CX130, Sony FX1, Canon 550D and a GoPro Hero2. I have 2 Rode video mics (a directional mic and a stereo mic) and a host of accessories. I use Sony Vegas to edit and create DVD's and blurays.  I mostly video my kids Stagecoach theatre shows and distribute copies to the students.  Plus I do the obligatory family home movies and occasional short film. I have set up this blog to monitor my progress and thought process.  I am from Llanelli in South Wales and have ended up as an IT consultant living in Oxfordshire. Happily married with 2 lovely children. View and subscribe to my videos on YouTube.
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