Filming complete

Filming almost went to plan. The cameras on the flanks provided the best footage while the centre static cam will provide some good alternative footage and the camera at the back provided a good wide shot. The multiple camera footage has been imported into Sony Vegas and I have lined them up ready for scene selection editing (I use envelope editing which makes editing easier as you can fade out the higher tracks and it drops down to the lower tracks). I have normalised the 4 audio tracks to make it have the best audio from my microphones – I will need to overlay the music tracks when I get a copy from Stagecoach which makes a huge difference to the production.

Worked Well

4 camera with 3 operators
Cameras in the flanks gave best footage
Microphone stands

Not so well (improvements)

Not coordinating camera operators (write camera directions)
Static camera not always a good shot (camera operator to frame during the show)
Wrong audio lead for keyboard (balanced midi output cable)
Problem on stereo mic (monitor with head phones)


About robbyboyofilms

I am a keen videographer and I have 3 HD video cameras and 2 camera with HD video capability. A Canon HV20, Sony CX130, Sony FX1, Canon 550D and a GoPro Hero2. I have 2 Rode video mics (a directional mic and a stereo mic) and a host of accessories. I use Sony Vegas to edit and create DVD's and blurays.  I mostly video my kids Stagecoach theatre shows and distribute copies to the students.  Plus I do the obligatory family home movies and occasional short film. I have set up this blog to monitor my progress and thought process.  I am from Llanelli in South Wales and have ended up as an IT consultant living in Oxfordshire. Happily married with 2 lovely children. View and subscribe to my videos on YouTube.
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