Change of tack

After reviewing my footage of the town development so far it fails in the following ways:

1) images are not as steady as I thought – some shots are OK – should have used a tripod
2) not much is happening in them – it will not make an exciting film unless you like diggers
3) it is not a time lapse film as I have got different footage from different angles
4) no flow or purpose to the footage – I need to think about the overall purpose of the film

A change in tack and focus is needed and this is what I have done so far…

1) purchased a steady cam rig for my cameras to make the shots smooth and to take a portable tripod/monopod with me next time
2) emailed Bicester council to see if I need a permit to film interviews in the town centre and to see if I can interview some councillors
3) emailed Bicester Local History Society for information and to see if I can interview some of the members
4) emailed my cousin (who is in the film business) for advice and inspiration


About robbyboyofilms

I am a keen videographer and I have 3 HD video cameras and 2 camera with HD video capability. A Canon HV20, Sony CX130, Sony FX1, Canon 550D and a GoPro Hero2. I have 2 Rode video mics (a directional mic and a stereo mic) and a host of accessories. I use Sony Vegas to edit and create DVD's and blurays.  I mostly video my kids Stagecoach theatre shows and distribute copies to the students.  Plus I do the obligatory family home movies and occasional short film. I have set up this blog to monitor my progress and thought process.  I am from Llanelli in South Wales and have ended up as an IT consultant living in Oxfordshire. Happily married with 2 lovely children. View and subscribe to my videos on YouTube.
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